The Challenge

Ctrue Clothing is a Montreal based company founded by Marc-André Chagnon. His vision for personalization and self-expression was unmatched in the clothing industry, and required a robust, fully-customized online solution that propagated the Ctrue brand.

The Results

A beautiful, responsive e-commerce store which focuses on appealing to every audience. We optimized the website for all resolutions, making sales and accessing pertinent knowledge on tablets and mobile devices possible. Combined with a state-of-the-art store management software, this allowed Marc-André to streamline orders and product reporting with minimal effort.


How We Made It Happen

Custom Development

Using the WordPress engine, we developed a custom variation system allowing visitors to select and preview products with a colour, size, word, and word colour of their choice. This allows for an infinite amount of combinations tailored to a diverse clientele and provides an unique solution for self-expression.

Analytics & Metrics

As a start-up enterprise, Marc-André needed utilities to track metrics and learn more about his website visitors. We provided integration with Google Analytics, and extended the scope of insight by providing real-time reporting of active users, and additional information about visitor demographics and interests. With these tools, Ctrue will keep on growing organically.

Ecommerce Solutions

Using WooCommerce, we created a storefront with an unique presentation, allowing clients to peruse the shop and navigate to their desired product in two clicks or less. We integrated multilingual support, Canada Post shipping, and PayPal checkout functionality to simplify the checkout and payment process. On the back-end, Marc-André has access to easy-to-use tools such as order management and custom reporting to ensure the store runs smoothly.

Responsive Design

An impressive vision should be rewarded with an impressive design. We created the website with responsive visuals to set them apart from the competition and establish Ctrue Clothing as an upcoming leader in personalization products. Every page was reviewed to provide an optimal and rewarding experience for users on all devices.

Multilingual Support

As a vision born in Québec, Ctrue Clothing needed to be developed with bilingual functionality to cater to all audiences. We created an elegant solution to allow their team to manage translations of pages, products, and forms, on the fly. As Marc-André’s vision expands, adding new languages to cater beyond the North American market will be simple and require minimal overhead to implement.


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