Meet the Duo

James Portrait

James Mann

Technical Director

James has been creatively driven his whole life in a wide range of topics. He discovered his interest in web development at an early age and has been endlessly building a repertoire that follows such a growing industry. After completing his studies in Graphic Design and Web Development he officially turned professional and has gone to build various websites including personal, commercial, and websites for non-profit organizations.

Jeremy Portrait

Jeremy Fama

Strategy Director

Coding since 8 years old, Jeremy has an endless passion for web development. Originally hailing from a background in graphic design and publication technology, he has since developed dozens of custom websites, commercial e-shops, and community systems. He’s also contracted his services to several web agencies and felt the value of client satisfaction first-hand. For him, it’s as important as the final product itself.


Create Relationships

Your goals are our goals

WebCakes was founded to create relationships with people. We want to work with like-minded people passionate about what they do. Like you, we value positive experiences and ongoing mutual satisfaction over project scopes and bottom lines. For us, our success is measured by yours.

Keep it Simple

Solutions, not chunks of code

We follow the KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) principle with every solution we build. No matter how complex the software or how intricate the design process is, the end result is intuitive, reliable, and scalable for our clients and their customers.

Always Keep Learning

Stay hungry, stay relevant

Our team is encouraged to scour for new knowledge, and as such our services always use leading-edge technology and practices. Whether its research, conferences, or blogs, WebCakes stays modern and fresh to ensure our clients receive the best solutions.

Quality Over Quantity

Focusing on your needs

WebCakes is not a status-quo factory to push out pre-built templates. We focus on fewer projects to ensure that the quality of our work stays golden. Each of our clients receive the attention they deserve, and we make sure it shows in everything we do.

Make It Better

Working beyond scope

We see every obstacle in a project as a challenge. We make sure that we build truly unique solutions and that our services tell your story. Whether it’s simplifying an application, increasing website conversion or making a brand more recognizable, we’re always looking to one-up ourselves.


Being honest on all accounts

We pride ourselves in our honesty and accountability. We’re forthcoming when it comes to our commitments, timeframes, and deliverables. Pointing the finger or making excuses are not options for us; instead we maintain communication and expectations to keep our client relationships strong.

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