As the digital landscape evolves, existing websites and applications become more susceptible to hackers through software vulnerabilities. A hacked website puts your reputation at risk, and can result in personal data theft and revenue loss. We’ll keep your website running smoothly and securely.

Our Montreal team offers a number of modern website maintenance and security services such as code auditing, malware removal, backups, and proactive maintenance plans to mitigate difficult situations and give you peace of mind.


How we Help

Proactive Maintenance and Support Plans

Whether a website is statically built or built through a content management system, they may over time become susceptible to software vulnerabilities, which could provide attackers unwanted access to your site and its data. We offer a proactive approach to providing website maintenance and security updates and reviews.

Code Audit

Our code audit process helps you learn more about your website security, stability, and performance. We provide a comprehensive review and analysis of your source code to identify any potential issues that may impact the safety or success of your product.

Malware Removal

Malware infiltration is a crucial, priority-one issue. Our team provides reliable website security malware removal services so you can keep you and your customers safe and secure. We'll navigate your codebases and databases to locate, identify, and clear any malicious material, allowing you to focus on running your business free of concern.

Website Backups

Data loss creates a deep, negative impact on your business and puts your reputation at risk. We provide remote codebase and database backup services to ensure that your website or application can be restored smoothly with minimal impact to your business and its clients.

Authentication (OAuth)

Proper authentication is a cornerstone of website security. We leverage OAuth (Open Authorization) as an authentication standard to allow users to securely access your website application, without having to reveal or store their credentials or sensitive information. OAuth is scalable, allowing administrators to provide granular access control with minimal security or performance concerns.

Our Core Web Services

We’re looking to build your business and brand. Your website, web application, or web portal should be beautiful and bold, intuitive to use and inspiring for clients. Our mission is to leverage a balance of excellent design with reliable, performance-enhancing web services to make sure you reach well beyond your goals. We’ll take a look at your existing strategies and propose effective solutions such as website design and development, mobile performance enhancement, search engine optimization, and growth strategies.

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WebCakes guided us on website design choices for more than just ‘look and feel’. WebCakes’ design suggestions also supported the intended functions of our client’s website and addressed key back office components related to security for transactions and database management.

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