Content management systems allow personnel with limited technical expertise to create and manage your website. These platforms offer several capabilities out of the box, including landing page building, user management, and e-commerce tools, which leads to reduced development cost for most businesses.

Our Montreal team specializes in leveraging content management systems such as Wordpress or Drupal for your website, as well as providing a high degree of customization and specialized feature development. We’ll work with you to determine which content management system is right for your business needs, and provide training and support to inspire confidence over your digital presence.


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Content Management

Take control of your website content. Websites developed with a content management system offer powerful levels of content and user management without needing a highly technical understanding of the code behind the website. This leads to reduced support costs after a website is deployed. Leveraged with content analysis tools, your content can be optimized in real-time for both website visitors and search engines.

Scaleable Growth

Content management systems provide a number of out-of-the-box features that are desirable for any business. Many third-party plugins allow for additional customization and functionality. For advanced business requirements, we specialize in developing additional features to accommodate your needs.

Wordpress CMS

Wordpress is a content management system with emphasis on ease-of-use, and is a solid approach for driving a promotional, marketing-driven website. Wordpress is designed to provide a strong page building experience with a strong foundation for search engine optimization. As the content management system with the highest market share, it has an ever growing library of features to build up the scope of your website.

Drupal CMS 

By contrast, Drupal is a powerful content management system with emphasis on scalability and dynamic relationship-driven presentation. Built for more complex needs, Drupal is the leading choice for enterprise-level websites which require deep integration with other softwares and services.

Our Core Web Services

We’re looking to build your business and brand. Your website, web application, or web portal should be beautiful and bold, intuitive to use and inspiring for clients. Our mission is to leverage a balance of excellent design with reliable, performance-enhancing web services to make sure you reach well beyond your goals. We’ll take a look at your existing strategies and propose effective solutions such as website design and development, mobile performance enhancement, search engine optimization, and growth strategies.

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WebCakes guided us on website design choices for more than just ‘look and feel’. WebCakes’ design suggestions also supported the intended functions of our client’s website and addressed key back office components related to security for transactions and database management.

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