user with different devices
There’s no denying that mobile devices have taken over as users’ device of choice for browsing the internet. With over half of users’ time on the internet being spent on mobile devices, having a fully responsive website is a must.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design allows websites to look good and function effectively on a variety of devices. This allows user experience to be the best possible for your clients regardless of the device they use. Interacting with websites on a mobile or tablet device is not the same as on a desktop because there’s barely any space for all the fancy extras you may have on your desktop version. Many features that look great and improve user experience on a desktop don’t even work on mobile platforms, like Adobe Flash.

The best Responsive Design practices take several factors into account:

  • Readability: font sizes on mobile devices need to be big so that the user can actually read the content. Minimum resizing, the user should not have to constantly zoom in on their hand-held device to see the content of the page.
  • Panning: the user should be able to scroll vertically and not horizontally since scrolling from side to side is more tedious.
  • Easy to use navigation: opening tabs on a mobile device is more difficult than on a computer, so the pages should be laid out in a logical manner so that the user can quickly figure out which page they are going to.
  • Optimization: loading time are also greatly considered in responsive design, as mobile platforms cannot load sites as fast as desktops.

Slow loading times slow you down

Users tend to have a shorter attention span when it comes to online activities; studies suggest that 8 seconds or more in loading time of a website is too long. Having an unresponsive, non-mobile friendly website is a sure-fire way to lose viewers and potential clients, which makes having a responsive website crucial for business in today’s world. Providing users with your content is essential for your business, you want to allow your users to view your content regardless of the device they use, by having a responsive website you are providing exceptional user experience to your clients.

Mobile usage is not a trend, it is here to stay

Having the ability to surf the internet and find valuable information in the palm of their hands is not only a luxury but also a valuable tool that no user will want to leave behind. Mobile devices give users the ability to get the information they want, whenever and wherever they want. Mobile technology is advancing every day, and will continue to prevail due to its convenience, Responsive Design is a smart investment for your business. Responsive Design gives users the best experience while on your website on mobile devices, making your company a go-to place for people on the go.

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