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On April 21st, popular search engine Google released its new algorithm which will change the mobile searching game, in all languages. This new algorithm will cause websites to be ranked by mobile friendliness on a page by page basis. The algorithm will look at many key factors including: responsive design, usability, readability, use of Adobe Flash Player, page loading times and optimization. Another new factor being implemented is that app content for phones will now be considered in your site’s rankings after manually activating app indexing.

With technology rapidly changing, the use of mobile devices has dramatically increased; if users need to search for something on-the-go, they’re first instinct is to use their phone. Google is aware of the increase in mobile use, and therefore the new Google Mobile Algorithm was conceived.

So, what does this all mean for your business?

With this new algorithm, mobile user experience will drastically improve, based on the above factors. Your site rankings will go down on Google if your site is not mobile friendly. Sites that are mobile friendly will gain more visibility on Google, allowing searchers to find the information they’re looking for on sites that are tailored to the device they are using.

Before the new Google Mobile Algorithm was implemented, businesses lost clients because of poor mobile design. By promoting businesses to adapt to the technological upgrades of the modern world, Google is making clients and customers happier. Customers are able to view and find the information they need easier and quicker which in-turn brings more conversions for mobile friendly businesses.

What can you do about this?

If your company is worried about the Google Mobile Algorithm, don’t panic, because there are two easy steps that you can do to keep your site Google friendly:

  1. Our first step is to use Google’s Usability Report, which can test your site for mobile friendliness.
  2. If your score wasn’t up to snuff, Google has released a Mobile Friendly Guide, which you can follow to make your site more mobile friendly.

Follow these steps and you should be in good ranks on Google. Remember, this is a necessary step to growing your business and the mobile industry as a whole. If you are unsure how to do all of this yourself, don’t fret, WebCakes is here to help.

How can WebCakes help?

At WebCakes we specialize in responsive design and providing excellent user experience. All of our designs are made to look great and function on all platforms. We know how to create and use all the factors that make sites mobile friendly, and we are also able to provide your company with all the tips and tricks to keep mobile users happy on your site. By choosing WebCakes, you’re choosing to satisfy your clients with a fully functioning website that is easy to use with all their favourite devices.

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