Introducing Leap

The above graphic (almost) says it all. James and I are pleased to announce our Leap Projects program, an affordable, effective web services to startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

What are Leap Projects?

Leap Projects are visually-rewarding, high quality websites for websites which don’t require too much custom development. Leap Projects are unique in that they bridge the gap between agency-level professional services and budget-friendly options.

Why Leap Projects?

Our agency is built with a highly scaleable infrastructure not found with smaller agencies. It allows us to create and serve custom websites and applications with speed and quality rivalling that of larger web service companies.

While we pride ourselves in our capacity to handle projects of all sizes, today’s entrepreneurs face tough decisions when starting their business. Not all startups get financial aid or work with an incubator, and many don’t have a large budget to start working with. When it comes to their online web presence, a choice has to be made:

  1. Engage with a professional agency (of any size) whose costs far exceed the client’s budget
  2. Engage with a freelancer or micro-firm whose quality of work cannot be guaranteed

It’s a frustrating situation. Many of our clients come to us already having invested $1,000 – $2,000 in a web developer only to be dissatisfied with their work. That money is lost, due to the quality of service cannot be re-invested into a better performing website. It’s easy to say “You get what you pay for.”, but sometimes as a business you just don’t have that choice.

We created Leap Projects so that today’s entrepreneur doesn’t have to make that difficult decision.

What’s in a Leap Project?

Leap Projects contain one or several pre-developed features, depending on your needs. Generally speaking, a Leap Project website could be an excellent option for informative websites, one-pager websites, eCommerce websites, multilingual support, and other straightforward features.

In addition, we offer an optional, monthly support plan with its own custom scope. It could include content management, SEO management, analytical reporting, marketing, and/or hosting options. Leap Project clients also receive a reduced rate than our other client support packages.

Why is the availability limited?

At heart, WebCakes is still a provider of custom web services for larger projects. We’re a small team given big responsibilities, and we want to give every project the love and care it needs, no matter the size. Because some small businesses may under-estimate the scope of their online needs, each Leap Project request is thoroughly reviewed to ensure that it’s actually eligible for Leap Project pricing.

Questions? Interested? WebCakes is excited to work with you. Leap in today!