For us, WebCakes is more than a joining of two devs with a similar idea. Ask any business owner about their enterprise, or a project manager about their latest work, and they’ll tell you the same thing: it’s their baby.

When we conceptualized WebCakes, we wanted to break the traditional mould, and build our business model around our company motto (Surprise and Delight). We’re passionate about what we do, and that passion resonates with our clients and affiliates.

We also learned the importance of surrounding WebCakes with people who felt the same way about their own projects and professional ventures. It’s a game changer. It’s networking 2.0. It’s not just necessarily a matter of who you know, but how passionate they are.

When we attempted to incorporate our company, our lawyer saved us from the bureaucratic disaster we had almost cast upon ourselves, and we’ll always be grateful for it. (Protip: If you’re starting a business, invest in a lawyer) But it’s his passion and his own enthusiasm towards the WebCakes mission which truly inspires us. There’s not a week that goes by we don’t get a call from him with a potential lead. 

Another professional with a similar passion for his own business is our accountant. With his entrepreneurial approach to his profession, we could relate together more than a simple client-to-service relationship.

Strive to associate your business with people who are passionate about what they do, and are genuinely intrigued with what you offer! Offer them insights, show genuine sincerity to their mission, and ask them what you can do to help them reach their aspirations. When you’ve connected with someone on these principles, you’ve made more than a business acquaintance. You’ve made a friend, and friends have your back.