We’re pretty excited to have launched the WebCakes blog. In fact, we’re so excited that we’re kicking off with a mini-series!

Over the next five days, I’ll be posting revelations and personal situations that we’ve had over the last six months starting up. Experience laughter, shed tears, and enjoy plenty of baking references. Most important of all, they’ll be reflective and (hopefully) inspiring, and open to discussion.

This post will be kept up to date as more posts in the mini-series are launched, so check back daily.

Post #1 – Find people as passionate as you are
Post #2 – Always learn (and be ready for change)
Post #3 – “Exchanging services” (trust your intuition)
Post #4 – Determining Price
Post #5 – Wrapping up

Update: That’s a wrap! I hope you’ve enjoyed our miniseries. Come back often for new posts, announcements, and possibly another miniseries in the near future!