We're looking to strengthen your brand. We want to make sure you're reaching beyond your goals by leveraging a balance of reliable, performance-enhancing web services. We'll take a look at your existing strategies and propose effective solutions such as custom website development, mobile optimization, search engine marketing, and advanced analytics. Let's get started.

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Branding and Identity

We believe branding is an art, designed to establish a distinct visual connection between your brand and your clients. We know that your identity is a key pillar for a successful venture, so we'll work with you to create a memorable identity from the ground up to captivate your audience and inspire confidence in your services.

Visibility Optimization

Your business is as powerful as its reach. Search engines such as Google and Bing constantly seek out and evaluate websites and rank them accordingly. All of our websites are optimized to ensure online visibility, and we keep up to date with the latest white-hat methods to make sure you stay placed where you should be.

CM Systems

Unlike a static website, a solution developed using a CMS is flexible and quick to update. Content can be maintained with ease, and these systems support a wide array of additional features, such as galleries, blogs, and ecommerce tools. With some quick training, we’ll make sure you’re completely confident with running your website.

Analytics & Metrics

Your website is a power tool and your best solution when it comes to measuring your business’s traffic, demographics, conversions, and overall success. We'll set strategic event tracking to gain real-time feedback from your clients. Learning the numbers, combined with our professional recommendations, will give you the best understanding of how to grow your business.

Mobile optimization

With the growing mobile market, it should be no surprise that most users navigate the web on their tablet or cellular devices. Optimizing content delivery, leveraging caching, and reducing load times are just some of the services we provide to ensure your website or application operates smooth.

Website Development

We develop your website using the most modern and secure practices, often with a Content Management System (CMS) for easier management, and with responsive design to cater to all demographics. We analyze your current needs and long-term goals to prepare a solution that scales alongside your business’ growth. Development is our core proficiency, so the possibilities are endless.

Ecommerce Solutions

Your online ecommerce platform is your most visible, accessible, and customizable storefront. We'll provide you with a solution to give your store an unique look and feel complementary to your identity. Enjoy easy-to-use tools such as order management and custom reporting, while your clients have access to an incredible range of shipping and payment gateway suites. Everything integrates seamlessly into each other, reducing overhead.

Support Plans & Training

We always offer a 60 day support timeframe and a group training session to answer questions, resolve bugs, and provide ongoing consultation on your services, free of charge. If that's not enough, we'll assess your technical needs and provide more extensive service packages which cover longer terms, review ongoing projects, and provide more security for you and your team.

Cloud VPS Hosting

Big name hosting providers often come with poor performance and server reliability. We offer competitive cloud-based hosting solutions to accommodate any level of traffic while maintaining high-speed performance at an effective cost. Enjoy not having to worry about bandwidth limitations; your hosting solution will grow seamlessly with your business.

The company we keep

WebCakes guided us on website design choices for more than just ‘look and feel’. WebCakes’ design suggestions also supported the intended functions of our client’s website and addressed key back office components related to security for transactions and database management.

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