The Impact of Page Speed on Your SEO Rankings

Online research has become the natural approach at solving problems. We rely on the accessibility and speed of the internet; in turn, the speed at which a problem is resolved correlates to how fast a website provides the right guidance. User retention has been proven to be a fleeting thing, and if a website is … Continued

Introducing Leap Projects

The above graphic (almost) says it all. James and I are pleased to announce our Leap Projects program, an affordable, effective web services to startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. What are Leap Projects? Leap Projects are visually-rewarding, high quality websites for websites which don’t require too much custom development. Leap Projects are unique in that … Continued

Empower your online visibility with Search Engine Optimization

You are probably asking yourself, what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), why is it important and why should I care? At the helm of every Search Engine is a robot, and although they have become sophisticated, they still need help to understand the content of our websites. SEO is a way in which we help … Continued

Google’s new mobile friendly ranking system is nothing to fear!

On April 21st, popular search engine Google released its new algorithm which will change the mobile searching game, in all languages. This new algorithm will cause websites to be ranked by mobile friendliness on a page by page basis. The algorithm will look at many key factors including: responsive design, usability, readability, use of Adobe … Continued