Pay for passion, not for age

In our last post, I briefly touched on the concept of leveraging passion over age when it comes to deciding on a web agency. Let’s expand on that. We’ve collaborated with hundreds of clients, agencies, developers, and other industry professionals over the years. Some projects succeed, and some don’t. While there’s many reasons as to … Continued

Finding the Right Web Agency

Following the launch of our Leap Projects, our advertising campaign placed our innovative approach to web development alongside other agencies with their own limited time offers. More often, these are low budget, flat cost deals for a website (e.g.: Website for $500!) that seem too good to be true. When we introduced Leap Projects last … Continued

Introducing Leap Projects

The above graphic (almost) says it all. James and I are pleased to announce our Leap Projects program, an affordable, effective web services to startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses. What are Leap Projects? Leap Projects are visually-rewarding, high quality websites for websites which don’t require too much custom development. Leap Projects are unique in that … Continued

Empower your online visibility with Search Engine Optimization

You are probably asking yourself, what is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), why is it important and why should I care? At the helm of every Search Engine is a robot, and although they have become sophisticated, they still need help to understand the content of our websites. SEO is a way in which we help … Continued

Get everyone responding to your business with Responsive Design

There’s no denying that mobile devices have taken over as users’ device of choice for browsing the internet. With over half of users’ time on the internet being spent on mobile devices, having a fully responsive website is a must. What is Responsive Design? Responsive design allows websites to look good and function effectively on … Continued

Pre-packaged themes are a package full of problems: Keep it Custom

In today’s fast-paced world, pre-packaged themes seem like the best option for getting a website fast and cheap. This decision can be quite dangerous, while initially pre-packaged themes seem like a great deal, in the long run they will slow you down. For this reason custom themes are better for your business. They slow you … Continued

Google’s new mobile friendly ranking system is nothing to fear!

On April 21st, popular search engine Google released its new algorithm which will change the mobile searching game, in all languages. This new algorithm will cause websites to be ranked by mobile friendliness on a page by page basis. The algorithm will look at many key factors including: responsive design, usability, readability, use of Adobe … Continued

Helping a family in need

WebCakes is proud to have been involved helping set up the Lin Jun Family Trust. In a confusing and frustrating time for the family of Lin Jun, we stepped to the plate and provided a secure space to help ease the harm caused to them. From a technical standpoint, we provided a small, secure donations … Continued

Launch Miniseries Post #5 – Wrapping up

I’d like to end our miniseries on a short note. If someone were to ask me what the most important attribute of our business model is, how we carry out our motto “Surprise & Delight”, it’s this: Be transparent. Don’t beat around the bush when it comes to pricing and time-estimates. If you’re concerned about … Continued

Launch Miniseries Post #4 – Determining Price

One of the most curious challenges in setting up a web-service company is determining your selling prices. It’s not uncommon in Montreal to find a freelancer charging 15-30$ an hour, another freelancer with similar experience charging 70-80$. As an alternative, should you settle on agencies instead, you may find one charging 40-60$ next-door to another … Continued